ALKO iQ7 Xtreme On Sale- Car Kit Only - Auto Pedal(355013AXL)
The AL-KO Sensabrake iQ7 Xtreme features an electronic control unit continually monitoring the state of the system to ensure safe operation. Includes; Mouse Brake Pedal Pad EVO Controller Wiring Loom to rear of vehicle 12 Pin Socket Plug 12v Circuit...
ALKO iQ7 Xtreme - Pressure Vessel (350412)
Fits all models of the older Sensabrake Mk3, Mk5 and the and all the new ALKO IQ7 models. This is for the grey plastic casing only These are to order ex Melbourne if they are NIL stock. Air freight will...
ALKO iQ7 & Sensabrake Brake Pedal Manual (355005)
ALKO iQ7 & Sensabrake Brake Pedal Suits Manual transmission vehicle brake pedal
ALKO iQ7 & Sensabrake MK5 - Reservoiur Cap (350184)
ALKO iQ7 & Sensabrake MK5 Reservoiur Cap Fits both MK5 and the new IQ7 models They are now Red and Black in colour
ALKO iQ7 Xtreme & Sensabrake - Vehicle Wiring Loom Only (350003XL)
Ideal from when you buy a new vehicle Loom only 4 wires (Red, Black, Blue, Brown) Not suitable for the older pre EVO Controllers With the 2 plugs to fit the EVO Computer
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