Chasing the balance between
high-quality and affordable price

X-Trailers is a local New Zealand business providing local businesses, farms, and individuals with high-quality and affordable trailers, contribute to their growth and achieve a win-win relationship.

We understand that trailers as a production tool for most of our local business customers play a fundamental role in their business growth. However, when stepping into the market, we’ve noticed that most quality trailers were generally rather expensive in New Zealand, but cheap ones often compromised the quality.

Since then, we’ve decided to devote ourselves to balancing the two aspects and providing quality and affordable trailers for our customers. To achieve that, we visited many manufacturers at home and abroad, choosing our suppliers carefully. Finally, we import our trailers from overseas and assembly in New Zealand, by which a more competitive price could be ensured. It means we can help save our customers’ money as well.

Also, we focus on finding the perfect balance among the six dimensions of quality: performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, and aesthetics. It could help us ensure the quality of our products.

By offering customers quality trailers at an affordable price, we hope to make some contribution to their growth and achieve a win-win relationship. We believe that, with the development of each other, we could contribute to the growth of a wider society together.

Our Core Values

In this ever-changing world, X-Trailers promises to always do business in a manner that stays true to our core values of Honesty, Quality, and Commitment to our customers.



Honesty means to being true and telling the truth. To maintain a solid reputation, we must deliver on our promises and keep to our words, which is what we’ve been doing over the years.



Quality means that the product or service we deliver in totality meets the requirements of our customers. We focus on the performance, features, reliability conformance, durability, and aesthetics of our products, not just aiming to meet your requirements but also trying to exceed your expectation.



Commitment means we have a true passion to develop a sustainable relationship that could make a positive difference in our customers, employees and the environment.


Our Core Value

"We believe through leadership of expressing respect and appreciation, conveying integrity and trust and by working as a team through humility we can better the lives of both our customers and employees while taking accountability of our effect on the environment to ensure a better future for us all."


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