Electric Drum Brake & Stub Kits

AL-KO can provide electric drum brake & stub axle kits in various sizes and capacities.

Kits are available upon request to suit most popular wheel drilling patterns as well as those shown in this section. AL-KO can further tailor your kit request to have bearing cups fitted into the hub or hub drum, your preferred stub machining profile and more.

All AL-KO electric drum brake & stub axle kits come complete with; Stub Axle with Mounting Plate (1), Mounting hard ware (2, 3), Electric brake assembly (4),Grease seal (5), Inner & outer bearings (6 & 9), Studded hub drum (7), Wheel Nuts (8) Axle washer (10), Axle nut (11), Split pin (12) & Grease cap (13)


Popular Selections

The following tables are a selection from the total hub stub range that are the most frequentley selected.



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