Battery Cable/Connector (2 Ă— 6AWG) - 52cm


Quality 6AWG Battery Cable/Connector, length 52cm parallel battery connector.
This is battery cable designed for transferring large amounts of DC current long distances with minimal voltage drop,The crimped and heat-shrinked with eye terminal connectors.
1Ă— Red 52cm 6AWG Battery Cable/Connector
1Ă— Black 52cm 6AWG Battery Cable/Connector


We have a 5-year warranty for all our trailer frames, and a 1-year warranty for the parts from the date of purchase.

You can return trailers purchased from us for a replacement or repair, if there is any manufacturing defect. For trailer parts purchased from us, we accept returns for a replacement, repair, or refund due to manufacturing defects.

Wherever possible, we will endeavour to repair any fault to a factory standard and return it to you at no extra charge, if it is still within the period of warranty.

If repair is not possible or practical, we will replace it with the same or similar product or exchange it for any of X-trailer’s products of the same value as your original purchase.


$10 on order under $200

$15 on order between $200 and $400

$20 on order over $400

Trailer Delivery: Please call for an inquiry, (09)9131487

Battery Cable/Connector (2 Ă— 6AWG) - 52cm
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